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“90210” Star Luke Perry Is On The AARP Cover, Because Life Happens Fast

by Derek de Koff October 18, 2016


Where were you on October 11th?

If you happen to be Luke Perry — the ’90s star who played moody Dylan “I just need time to think” McKay on “Beverly Hills, 90210” — you were unceremoniously slapped on the cover of AARP The Magazinecausing the Internet to philosophize about the fleetingness of life as we know it.


Indeed, he’s now 50-years-old, and we’re all supposed to be really upset for some reason.

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An AARP rep told The Huffington Post that this isn’t “an official cover of a physical copy of the magazine,” but was rather created to make us think of our lives as a barely cohesive chain of regrets that can only be broken once we perish as a “bit of fun” to celebrate Perry’s birthday on social media.

This did absolutely nothing to curb everyone having a collective meltdown on Twitter.



Derek de Koff
Derek de Koff


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