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#AM_Equality Tip Sheet: June 24, 2016

by HRC staff June 24, 2016

BREAKING: PRESIDENT OBAMA DESIGNATES FIRST-EVER LGBTQ NATIONAL MONUMENT AT STONEWALL: The White House has announced that President Obama designated a new national monument at the historic site of the Stonewall Uprising in New York City -- the first-ever landmark honoring the movement for LGBTQ equality. “The announcement is especially significant following the horrific massacre in Orlando, a heartbreaking reminder of the hate and violence we continue to face as a community. In the early days of our movement, the brave individuals who fought back at Stonewall and at other historic moments, helped inspire countless others,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “It is our hope that by honoring these pioneers, this new national monument will be a source of inspiration to a new generation of Americans across the country standing up for equality and uniting to show the world that love conquers hate.” More on today’s historic announcement: White House and HRC

GUN REFORM BILL JUMPS HURDLE: A bipartisan gun violence prevention bill proposed by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) gained majority support in the Senate yesterday, but remains in limbo for now. The vote took place after a more than 24-hour sit-in orchestrated by House Democrats aimed at pressing for action on guns. Read HRC’s new stance on gun violence prevention: HRC

PRESIDENT OBAMA’S IMMIGRATION POLICY BLOCKED: A 4-4 SCOTUS split has resulted in a block to President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. The Supreme Court’s inability to reach a decision in the United States v. Texas case means millions of immigrants will no longer be protected from deportation and cannot legally work in the U.S. According to a Williams Institute study, there are close to 1 million LGBTQ adult immigrants, of whom about one-third are undocumented. More on immigration reform’s impact on LGBTQ people: HRC

UK VOTES “LEAVE” FOR BREXIT: The UK has decided to leave the European Union, casting heavy speculation on what this will mean for both the UK and global economy. Several out Members of Parliament also consider what impact Brexit could have on the LGBTQ community. More here: Pink News

STOP! IN THE NAME OF LOVE: Priorities USA Action has released a new ad campaign urging young voters to “Stop Trump/Stop Hate” (since “Trump” and “hate” have pretty much become synonymous at this point). This first ad features 17-year-old Dante Latchman, who was left disabled after battling a rare form of cancer, watching footage of Trump mocking a disabled journalist, to which Latchman replies: “I don’t want a president who makes fun of me. I want a president who inspires me, and that’s not Donald Trump.”

  • Another video from Stop Hate is hard to watch, but everyone should. The “Donald Trump is Full of Hate” video, containing vile, direct quotes from Trump himself, is a reminder that he does not speak for us.

DOLLARS AND SENSE: A new study from the Williams Institute points to the economic benefits of marriage equality, a year after it became the law of the land. The UCLA-based institute estimates that “the unions have generated about $1.58 billion in spending” across sectors. Cha-ching: WIBW

SMALL BUSINESS, BIG HEART: Small business owners are making big strides for their LGBTQ employees following the tragic shooting in Orlando. Several businesses reported that they are revising their company policies to be more inclusive, and are taking steps to have conversations with their employees about creating a “safer, kinder, more accepting” workplace. More here: ABC News  

CHARITY SINGLE HITS HIGH NOTE: The London Gay Men’s Chorus is releasing a single of its version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” with proceeds going to the Pulse Victims Fund in Orlando and Galop, a UK-based LGBTQ charity. Click, listen, and get chills: Gay Star News

CONGRESS MEMBERS URGE FDA TO LIFT THE BLOOD BAN: After Orlando, several members of the LGBTQ community were unable to donate blood to help survivors of the shooting. Some Members of Congress are working to change that, by telling the FDA they have “bad blood” with the outdated, discriminatory blood donor policies that require gay and bisexual men to remain abstinent one year before donating. More here: HRC


A report from Politifact shows that LGBTQ people are most frequently targeted for hate crimes; The Associated Press contrasts views of the LGBTQ community across Florida; The New York Times profiles Chalice, a new transgender superhero from AfterShock Comics; Pink News anticipates that the newest Harry Potter spin-off will tackle marriage equality; and The Associated Press reports that Erin O’Flaherty will be the first openly lesbian Miss America contestant.

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HRC staff
HRC staff


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