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Antigay Pastor Complains Of Being Pranked With Unwanted Pizza Deliveries And Magazine Subscriptions

by Jeff taylor July 25, 2016

Pastor Steven Anderson

Screenshot from YouTube video of Pastor Steven Anderson spreading his hate-filled message.

Antigay preacher Steven Anderson is crying foul after becoming the “victim” of a series of ongoing pranks. Anderson, who has gained notoriety for his antigay and anti-Semitic views, is planning a trip to South Africa in September to spread his murderous, bigoted beliefs.

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Just to refresh your memories: One example of Anderson’s dangerous rhetoric came recently when he celebrated the mass shooting in Orlando at Pulse nightclub.

“The good news is that there’s 50 less pedophiles in this world, because, you know, these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and pedophiles,” Anderson said, back when the official death count was being reported as 50 people.

He also said the victims of the Paris shooting deserved to die because they “worshiped death.”

A petition to keep him out of South Africa garnered thousands of signatures, as well as the support of Africa’s Department of Home Affairs, but spokesperson Mayihlome Tshwete told City News that they would probably not be able to prevent the pastor from visiting, since his antigay remarks were not made on South African soil.

“If someone from another country says something whilst not in the country we have no power to stop them from coming,” he said.

Now, it seems people are expressing their distaste for Anderson and his church, the Faith­ful Word Bap­tist Church in Tempe, Arizona, with a series of pranks.

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Anderson posted a video to his YouTube channel, saying his church had been the target of “harassment.”

“There are a couple of people who have just made it their full time jobs, seemingly, to harass us, and persecute us, and mess with us any way possible. It’s really just stupid. What kind of pathetic loser spends their time trolling a church?” he asks.

Anderson describes the horrifying “persecution” that these poor bigots are on the receiving end of, like listings on Craigslist claiming they have free stuff to give away, unwanted pizza deliveries and magazine subscriptions.

Can you imagine anything more vicious?

“It’s funny how these people claim to be so loving. But honestly these self-centered jerks have no empathy for other people,” Anderson says.

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Anderson also said he is now emboldened to “want to fight harder.”

“You know what? You guys are gonna be burning in hell, we’re going to be rewarded in heaven for the good works we’re doing,” he enthuses. “Jesus is returning and he’s got his reward with him. And he’s ready to take vengeance and flaming fire on them that know not God and obey not the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

See, doesn’t that sound like a normal, empathetic man and not a jerk?

Watch the video below. Or don’t.

Jeff taylor
Jeff taylor


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