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Broadway’s Hottest Bisexual Has An Important Message For All You Bi-Deniers

by Graham Gremore September 21, 2016


It’s Bisexual Awareness Week. To mark the occasion, Broadway actor Andy Mientus has written a lengthy but powerful Instagram post about the stigma many people still attach to bisexuality.

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The 29-year-old Spring Awakening and Les Misérables star says he is often contacted by young people still coming to terms with their sexualities, and “it breaks my heart to learn that they are denying their hearts, bodies, and souls just because of what other people will think of them.”

“I try to be visible all the time just by being true to who I am,” Mientus says, “but I know many people struggle with this because of the stigma associated with bi-ness.”

“Have you ever doubted someone who tells you they are Bi–‘Sure, Jan’–or debated the validity of that claim behind their back?” he asks. “Do you have a preconceived idea of what bi ‘really’ looks like based on what TV and movies have told you? Do you think of it just as a sexual kink or as a true identity?”

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Mientus continues: “When I encounter ignorance about my identity, I always try to approach it from a place of warmth and education, so this is not me lecturing the monosexuals out there. I’m inviting you this week to think about your own feelings towards bisexuals and ask yourself if there is any lingering doubt or prejudice there.”

Check out the full post below…

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Graham Gremore
Graham Gremore


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