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“Caleb Gallo” Raises The Bar For Queer Web Series; Don’t Miss Out

by Dan Tracer June 30, 2016


In the category of “internet distractions,” web series rank right up there with memes and Olympic gymnasts’ Instagram accounts. But occasionally, one will shine brighter than than any cat photo or male leotard could ever hope to.

When we first saw Brian Jordan Alvarez’s The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo back in January of this year, we knew it was something special.

Typically, a web series pushing past the 4/5 minute mark induces an almost universal cringe, but coming in at nineteen minutes, the first episode is a joy.

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Now the fourth episode is out, and the style and voice of the show is only getting stronger. And while the plot stays ever so bizarre, there’s a truth these guys are nailing — what does it feel like to be seeking and celebrating real connection in a world that is increasingly disposable and disconnected by the minute?

Apparently it involves unintentionally inflicting pain on the people you care about, and lots of shirtless dance parties. Speaking from personal experience, this seems about right.

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Alvarez is currently shopping the show around to networks, hoping to get a bite from a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon. Or, as he tells Queerty, “HBO would be great too.” Wouldn’t it, though?

“We love this show and we want to bring it to more people,” he adds. “If something like this, that is truly funny, hits the right audience, we can change some minds and possibly change the world. Which we need right now more than ever.”

Watch the latest installment, which costars Jason Greene as fluidly fabulous Freckle, below:


Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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