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Climate Determines Whether You Are A Top Or A Bottom

by Graham Gremore July 23, 2016


A recent Reddit thread titled “TopsAndBottoms” boldly asks:

Why are there more tops than bottoms? I’m basing this off social media (instagram, facebook, etc.) that the running joke is most gays are bottoms.

Hmmm. We weren’t aware that there were more tops than bottoms in the world, but apparently there are. And it all depends on the region in which a person lives. At least, according to several other Reddit users.

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“In my experience the ratio is about 2:1 with bottoms in the lead,” one person says.

How exactly does he know this?

“Go look at sex ads in various cities,” he explains. “I know in most of the CA Bay Area, you’ll actually find a ratio more like 3:1. Up where I live now it’s closer to 4:1.”

Four bottoms for every one top? Sounds exhausting.

“It’s regional,” someone else says.

To which another person asks, “I wonder why that is?”

And a third person answers, “Climate.”

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“I think pretty much anyone can enjoy it from a physical perspective, but a lot of people are closed off to it, especially so in rural areas,” someone else opines. The reason for this, he explains, is that urban centers are more “sex friendly” than rural areas and therefore “create more bottoms.”

Another guy takes this theory one step further by saying it has to do with gay men in the country who “pass” as straight.

“Most guys who are tops tend to be able to pass,” he writes. “The ones who are bottoms can’t or won’t pass so they move to safe havens in the cities.”

Oh, brother.

At least one person has semi-reasonable response. He recalls a Chinese man he met at a bar years ago who walked up and casually asked “if I wanted to fuck him.”

“We had great sex,” the man remembers, “and then we discovered we were both versatile … I have fond memories of the times we had in bed. If you really want to have the most fun, try being versatile. It adds a new dimension to sex. And a fun one too.”

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Graham Gremore
Graham Gremore


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