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Confessions Of Guys Who Are Crushing Hard On Straight Guys

by Dan Tracer September 18, 2016


If you’ve never had a crush on a guy who turned out to be straight, you’re a rare breed.

And it isn’t some wild phenomenon at play where gay guys are being intoxicated by straight dudes’ pheromones or anything, it’s just simple math.

Most men on this blue marble of ours self-identify as straight. It’s just bound to happen — in high school, college, even later (but really, get it together if it keeps happening post-college age).

Below, we hear from guys on Whisper who are wading waist-deep in a pool of unrequited love with a straight guy.

I hate having a crush on a straight guy, he

When I have a crush on a straight guy, I


The worst part of falling in love with a straight guy is when you see him kiss her

It hurts when you have a crush on a straight guy. it makes you wish you weren


As a gay guy having a crush on a straight guy, knowing you two will never happen is just too painful in the gut ??

Falling in love with a straight guy is a bad idea..always will be..but he has a part of my heart

I have a crush on my "straight" guy friend and I am sitting here hoping he is in the closet


Falling in love with a straight guy as a gay guy, is incredibly painful. Especially if you can

Ended up falling for a straight guy when I know it


I fell in love with a straight guy knowing he will break my delicate heart. I just couldn

The worst feeling being gay is falling for a straight guy.... The best feeling is when they come out

The straight guy I

Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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