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Corey Feldman’s “Today Show” Performance The Definition Of “Trainwreck”

by Derek de Koff September 16, 2016


After witnessing Corey Feldman’s performance on The Today Show this morning, we’re still shaking. That was a lot take in before we’d taken in our morning absinthe. The long, dark-as-ravens tresses. That industrial-tinged snakeskin puffy coat and hood (possibly on loan from Andrew Eldritch.) His foofy white pirate shirt — how it billowed. And that diverting, all-female backing band, dressed like slutty angels (not that we’re slutty-angel-shaming; we’re all for it.)

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The song is a clearly original composition called “Go 4 It” from his new double CD — double? CD? — which he describes as “a labor of love ten years in the making.” Feldman attempts to singlehandedly bring back ’80s Goth culture to the masses, seemingly channeling old friend Michael Jackson as he jerks through a series of dance moves like a particularly funky zombie. “It’s a similar style of dance,” he explains, “because we grew up dancing together; he was my idol, obviously.”

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Prior to the performance, Feldman explains the genesis of his new project:

The whole theme of the album is good versus evil, heaven versus hell, and all that sort of thing, so they’re angelic, and if you look actually at the artwork on the album you’ll see that it’s me trying to crawl out of a fiery pit, and it’s the angels pulling me out, so it all sort of goes along with the concept…

I know that angels have probably saved me once or twice in my life, and I like helping them as well, and that’s why I created Corey’s Angels, as a way to help girls who are like kind of lost and needed to find their way to get their opportunities, their dreams, and make them realities. And that’s what we do, we try to make their realities, you know, their dreams.”

Isn’t life all about making dreams into reality and reality back into dreams?

And did we mention the song features a rap breakdown by a performer named Doc Ice? Because there’s a rap breakdown by a performer named Doc Ice.

If you haven’t seen this yet, we strongly advise that you Go 4 It:


Derek de Koff
Derek de Koff


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