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Davey Wavey Looks Into The Weird, Watery Underworld Of Gay Mermaids

by Derek de Koff October 06, 2016


“I eat, sleep, breathe and sh*t mermaids. My family knew I was a mermaid for a very long time.”

That’s Blix, aka Eric, a self-identified “gay mermaid” who opens up to Davey Wavey in his latest video.

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Blix explains that he’s experienced lots of discrimination in his life, since most people aren’t used to seeing black gay mermaids milling around in their day-to-day lives.

“Every mermaid you see has got blonde hair and blue eyes,” Blix explains. “I’ve even had kids tell me, ‘My friends say I cant be a mermaid because I’m black,’ and I’m like, ‘No babydoll, that should make you want to be one!'”

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Later on, Davey Wavey puts on his own mermaid tail to learn more about these misunderstood creatures, which, after watching the video, we suspect we still misunderstand.



Derek de Koff
Derek de Koff


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