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Donald Trump Is Only Interested In Grabbing Women, Insists He’s Never Had A Gay Thought In His Life

by Graham Gremore October 10, 2016

Donald Trump has never had a gay thought in his life. Never ever ever! Not once. Not a single time. Believe him.

In newly unearthed audio from a past interview with class act Howard Stern, the flailing GOP presidential candidate/self-proclaimed pussy grabber/debate loser talks at length about his total, 100 percent lack of interest in having gay sex.

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The comments, obtained by CNN, were made during a 2010 interview and came shortly after Trump praises golf star Tiger Woods for not being gay and for having many, many mistresses.

During the discussion, Trump voluntarily brings up a man Stern had interviewed who said he wasn’t gay even though he had experimented with “one or two” other men.

“You said, ‘Anybody who has had one or two events with a man is gay’,” Trump says.

“Absolutely. Absolutely, you know it and I know it,” Stern responds. “How many events have you had with a man?”

“Zero!” Trump quickly denies. “Not even a thought.”

“You’re a real man,” Stern congratulates.

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“In other words,” Trump insists, “with all that I’ve had, I’ve never had a thought. There’s never been a big thought process, you know… Never even, like, a thought. In other words, let’s put it this way, during the event there’s never a thought of Jimmy or Ronald or any of that, no. No thoughts.”


Listen to the disgusting clip below. Or don’t.

Graham Gremore
Graham Gremore


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