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Evan Peters Returns To “American Horror Story” As Gay Billionaire With Hunky Manservant

by Derek de Koff October 13, 2016

All you rabid fans who have been waiting with bated breath for Evan Peters’ return to American Horror Story can now rest easy — or uneasy, as the case may be.

In a swirl of lace and leggings and periwigs and unencumbered handsomeness, Peters portrays a certain Edward Philippe Mott, a regal AF billionaire who shuns his family to better seduce his well-proportioned servant and smear rouge on his nipples, as we are all wont to do.

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Zounds. ‘Lud. It’s all almost antagonistically sexy, sultry, and seductive.

It’s also decadent, delirious, devilish, debauched, and deliciously diabolical.

Oh, and it’s devastating in its dereliction.

It’s all of this and more.

Fans are wigging.

honestly im still not over evans character. he’s got social anxiety, is gay and loves art. ahs did so good they truly love me

— spooky macie (@sighmacie) October 13, 2016

Derek de Koff
Derek de Koff


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