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Frank Ocean Talks Creativity In New Calvin Klein Spot

by john russell July 06, 2016

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What comes between Frank Ocean and his Calvins? Not much!

The dreamy R&B prodigy joins Kate Moss, Margo Robbie, former Vogue creative director Grace Coddington and other influencers as one of the faces of the fashion label’s new fall campaign.

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Ocean’s spot features the 28-year-old singer chilling in a surreal room with a distinctly ’80s look and sharing a quiet moment with a Marilyn Monroe lookalike in a neon drenched hallway, while his voiceover discusses what could probably be interpreted as his views on creativity: “Fantasy plays, like, the role of a—almost like a supplement. Draw on fantasy to make things hyper-real, I guess. Saturate the colors.”

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While Ocean recently teased a July due date for his upcoming sophomore album Boys Don’t Cry, the Calvin Klein spot doesn’t seem to include any new music.

Check out the clip below…

john russell
john russell


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