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“Game Of Thrones” Star Gethin Anthony On The Hottest Gay Fling In Westeros

by Dan Tracer September 29, 2016



Westeros is a very scary world, with all the politics and violence going on, so it was nice to play an affectionate gay couple within that world. We were very passionate about it being a positive thing. I still hold on to that and I’m still very proud of it.

I got some lovely letters. One that sticks out was from a gentleman who was about to propose, or has perhaps just proposed, to his partner.He said some really nice things about seeing a gay relationship on television. Whenever people connect to things you’re involved with or a story you’re telling, it’s a lovely thing.”— Actor Gethin Anthony, who played Renly Baratheon on HBO’s Game of Thrones, on his gay story line with Loras Tyrell (Finn Jones), in an interview with Attitude.

Here’s a taste of the steamy on-screen romance:

Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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