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Gay Seniors Talk Orlando, Marriage Equality And LGBT Progress

by Rob Smith June 27, 2016

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LGBTQ seniors truly are our most undervalued resource, but luckily Vice took the time out to speak with a few and, we’ll tell you, it’s stuff you really need to hear.

It’s a long read but definitely more worthwhile than whatever cat video is trending right now, and we’ve got a few highlights:

79-year-old Maurice has a lot to say about technology and modern romance:

With all the technology going on, I find that people hardly speak to one another. There’s no romance involved in living today. I guess if you like technology, you’re in heaven. Unfortunately, I don’t. It’s easier today, of course, if you’re gay, or lesbian, or what have you. But being in the profession that I was in, [being queer] was almost expected of you in fashion.

I had lots of gay friends and I still do today, and I have lots of straight friends, so you are what you are. I don’t judge people for what they are. Love is just caring. Of course sex is always important, but that sort of [goes away] eventually. But the important thing about love is sharing a life. That’s the most important thing to me.

69-year-old Andrea didn’t realize she was attracted to women until she was 28:

It doesn’t make any sense to me, but one day I was getting on a bus in San Francisco. I was living there with my son’s dad, who I was married to at the time. I saw this woman on the bus and I just felt attracted to her, and I thought, “that’s weird.” It set off this whole chain of events. I was 28. Before that—nothing. Not even an inkling. I was always with men. It was so bizarre.

And, 67 or 68-year old Margueritte (she stopped counting) highlights the need for real change post-Orlando:

People still have hatred in their heart. They will realize that it’s really them [that’s the issue]. We have to look at ourselves. I look in the mirror all the time. People believe they want to be good or different, and they know within their heart that that’s not true. They are ugly inside and they have no respect for their fellow man. Treat me like you want to be treated. We are still second class citizens, and I don’t think that’s changed at all.

Head on over to Vice to read the interviews.

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Rob Smith
Rob Smith


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