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“Ghostbusters” Director: Kate McKinnon’s Character Is Gay

by Derek de Koff July 19, 2016


Well, it’s official: Speaking to The Daily Beastdirector Paul Feig has confirmed Kate McKinnon’s kooked-out inventor character in the Ghostbusters reboot is gay.

“I hate to be coy about it,” he says, “but when you’re dealing with the studios and that kind of thing…”

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The 53-year-old director of Bridesmaids and Spy says he wanted to make McKinnon’s character a lesbian in order to bring out Kate’s personality and lend her energy to the film:

You know, Kate is who she is and I love the relationship between Kate and Melissa’s characters. I think it’s a very interesting, close relationship.”

“If you know Kate at all she’s this kind of pansexual beast where it’s just like everybody who’s around her falls in love with her and she’s so loving to everybody she’s around.”

“I wanted to let that come out in this character.”

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He didn’t prompt McKinnon, either. “I wasn’t like, ‘And now you should wink at them.’ This is stuff that is coming out of Kate.”

That’s why you connect with those characters. They’re playing versions of themselves. That’s what makes a comedic actor fantastic, when that personality comes out.”

“That’s why it’s so terrible when writer-directors say, ‘Stick to the script!’”

“Why would you hire these people who have these enormous personalities and then just cut them off?”

The Twitterverse is down with this news, and down and McKinnon in general:

Ilyse Mimoun, author of Choose Your Own Love Story: (Mis)Adventures in Love, Lust, and Happy Endings, agrees: “Putting aside plot problems and your ruined childhood for a minute—-there was a point during Ghostbusters when tears sprang to my eyes, realizing I had never, in my entire life, seen a non-sexualized non-glamorized female action hero kicking butt on screen. Those four amazing ladies clomping around in those stupid suits busting ghosts was completely groundbreaking.”

Derek de Koff
Derek de Koff


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