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Grindr Has Ruined Absolutely EVERYTHING, Disgruntled Blogger Laments

by Graham Gremore August 13, 2016


Donny Meacham is not happy, guys. In fact, he’s very, very, very unhappy. With a lot of things. But especially with Grindr.

Meacham channels his inner Carrie Bradshaw in an absolutely groundbreaking new op-ed published by Elite Daily titled “3 Ways Grindr Has Ruined Everything About Dating In The Gay Community.”

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“I am a queer single male in NYC,” the piece begins. “You would think dating would be easy because there are thousands of queer guys all around me.Well, if you think that, you are WRONG.”

Why is this? Well, if the title of Meacham’s op-ed didn’t give it away, then this line certainly does: “I’m just going to go ahead and say it: Grindr has RUINED dating.”

Meacham’s first grievance with the popular gay dating app is that it offers far too many options.

“When you log onto Grindr, you have minimum of 50 horny thumbnails waiting to literally do just about anything you could think of,” he writes. “Doesn’t that sound more interesting than having sex with the same person twice a week?”

Actually, it sounds exhausting. But maybe that’s just us.

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Meacham’s second grievance has to do with the way we talk to one another. Or rather, the way we don’t talk to one another.

“On Grindr,” he writes, “you can have an entire conversation simply by using only two words at once. Sup? Looking? Into? You host? Send location?”

“In person,” he continues, “you have to actually use a little more effort. Hell, you might actually have to ask me personal questions. Scary, huh? No, that’s what normal life is like. You’re just a lazy bastard who doesn’t want to put in the effort.”

Guilty as charged.

But his fury doesn’t stop there. Meacham goes off on a brief tangent to express his extreme dissatisfaction with receiving unsolicited dick pics from guys he barely knows.

“When dating me,” he writes, “I absolutely do not want to see a pic of any part of your body within the first few messages. A cute pic of you with a mullet in elementary school is much better.”


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But Meacham’s primary issue with Grindr is that it is far too time efficient.

“I think this is the most important thing,” he writes. “When it comes to dating, it takes time, which is something most of us do not have a lot of. You have to take the time to get to know someone, set up a date when you’re both free and then actually go on the date.”

Grindr doesn’t allow for his, he says, which is why it has ruined everything.

“Most gay guys are really all about convenience,” he adds. “Oh, and sex, too. So, why not just use Grindr where you can intermix convenience and sex? Where you can sit at home, eat Chinese food, watch ‘The Golden Girls’ and set up a hookup at the same time?”

Good question. Why not?

“So, I’ll say it again,” he concludes. “Grindr has ruined dating.”

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h/t: Elite Daily

Graham Gremore
Graham Gremore


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