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Hey, These Pants Let You Play The Drums With Your Crotch. And The Beat Goes On.

by Derek de Koff August 29, 2016


Electric Sexy Drum Pants.

They’re a thing. A real thing. They’re… Electric Sexy Drum Pants.

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As Dangerous Minds reports, the Kaoring Machine (aka Electric Sexy Drum Pants) was developed by a Japanese experimental artist and pop music composer who felt the world needed a pair of pants featuring a synth drum trigger as the crotch. Call it Cock Rock 2016.

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This handy demonstration video will answer all your questions, however personal.

Hit it: 

Still waiting for the invention of pan-flute penny loafers and dulcimer dungarees?

No go. In the meantime, why not slide into this jockstrap planter for men (sorry, ladies!), which retails at only $100? (Cactus not included, and why is this guy just holding the jockstrap planter for men and not wearing the jockstrap planter for men?)


Important: However strong the urge, under no circumstances should you attempt wearing thr planter jockstrap for men beneath the Electric Sexy Drum Pants.

The technology’s not quite there yet.

Derek de Koff
Derek de Koff


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