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How Cops Used Grindr To Bust A Menace Meth Dealer

by matt baume July 28, 2016


Among Grindr’s many uses, you can apparently now use the app to clean up your neighborhood. According to police, a guy in New York had “coded language that the undercover officer recognized as a possible advertisement for drugs.” So the police bought a few samples, and then promptly had him arrested.

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That was followed by a raid that turned up some coke, some meth, various pipes and around four thousand dollars. Not a huge haul, but it’s probably for the best that there’s one fewer source of drugs out there, enticing gay men to screw up their lives.

There’s no word on exactly how this happened: were police monitoring Grindr? Or did they get a tip from someone? What does an undercover officer have to do to present as a passable drug-seeking hookup app user? How many other headless torsos on the site are actually run by police departments hoping to catch illicit substance dealers?

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Your takeaway from this little escapade may vary. Some may see it as evidence that the police state is always hovering, denying us privacy even in the most intimate of settings. Others may see it as a welcome step, protecting a population vulnerable to the temptations of addiction.

Either way, it’s a reminder that there are bad actors out there on Grindr, and you should always exercise care when meeting new people or telling them about yourself. Not everyone is as they seem, and not everyone is after friendship.

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matt baume
matt baume


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