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HRC Welcomes Hillary Clinton’s Historic Commitment to End the HIV and AIDS Epidemic

by Sarah McBride August 02, 2016

HRC welcomed Secretary Hillary Clinton’s announcement today detailing the plan she would embark on as president to end the HIV and AIDS epidemic in the U. S. and around the world. Her blueprint includes enhancing the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, convening working groups to develop aggressive actions to combat the spread of HIV, and launching a campaign to combat stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV.

“Throughout her career, Secretary Clinton has steadfastly fought to help meet the needs of people living with HIV,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “These additional steps build on the comprehensive plan put forth by Secretary Clinton to end the HIV and AIDS epidemic. We look forward to working with Hillary Clinton and her administration to implement and expand on these plans, secure necessary funding, and to set a timeline and targets to achieve an AIDS-free generation.”

The additional steps announced by Clinton include convening a working group to develop an aggressive timeline for ending AIDS, working to strengthen the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, and combatting stigma against people living with HIV and AIDS, including reforming outdated and discriminatory HIV criminalization laws.  The National HIV/AIDS Strategy, first released by the Obama administration in 2010, is the nation’s first-ever comprehensive HIV and AIDS plan with clear and measurable targets. Over the last year, HRC has joined with more than 70 activists and organizations in discussions with the Clinton campaign over strategies to end the HIV and AIDS epidemic

Clinton’s proposals build on the detailed plan she released earlier in the campaign. At the time, she called for expanding access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, or PrEP, and capping out-of-pocket medical expenses and drug prices. Last week, Daniel Driffin, a Black gay man living with HIV, addressed the Democratic National Convention and discussed the need for increased resources and research on HIV and AIDS. It was the first time in 12 years that a person living with HIV addressed a national party convention.

HRC endorsed Hillary Clinton in January 2016. With 1.5 million members and supporters nationwide, HRC is planning an unprecedented organizational effort to register and mobilize the nation’s pro-equality majority, and elect pro-LGBT candidates up and down the ballot. In 2016, HRC expects that the pro-equality vote will be larger, stronger, and more energized than at any point in history.

To find out more about HRC’s work to promote HIV prevention, treatment and care, visit

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Sarah McBride
Sarah McBride


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