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Internet Obsessed With Kevin Spacey’s Studly Emmys Companion. But Who Is He?

by Derek de Koff September 20, 2016


Despite the fedora, the Internet has been working overtime to unearth any bits of biography they can find about Kevin Spacey’s mysterious Emmys companion; he of the studly visage and cheekbones you could slice Provolone on. Who was this man, and why was he wearing so many goddamn bracelets? Speculation abounded.

Was he part of some creepy crop-centric cult? 

Where were his stylists, and why didn’t Spacey intervene?

Where was his mysterious date while Spacey wrapped his lips around this Emmy sandwich?

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As speculation reached fever pitch, Buzzfeed rose to the occasion and delivered the goods: That behatted man of intrigue is a certain 43-year-old Evan Lowenstein; a talent manager who was formerly half of Evan and Jaron, a duosome that consisted of two identical twins who are most notable for smoldering their way through an unavoidable, way heteronormative 2000 single called “Crazy For This Girl.”

Remember this old chestnut? 

These days, he’s Kevin Spacey’s talent manager, which unquestionably explains his Emmys appearance.

Case closed.

But we still have some questions about the hat.

Derek de Koff
Derek de Koff


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