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Judge Denies Philly Gay Basher Kathryn Knott’s Early Release Request

by Rob Smith June 20, 2016



Dear convicted gay basher Kathryn Knott: in the words of our favorite lesbian Suze Orman: you are denied.

A Philadelphia judge has denied her request for early release based on good behavior.

The men who participated in the bashing, Kevin Harrigan and Philip Williams, avoided jail time with a plea that included community service and probation, but Knott decided to try her luck with a trial. Bad move.

After being convicted of simple assault, conspiracy and reckless endangerment in the attack of two gay men in Philadelphia in 2014 and sentenced to 5-10 months behind bars, Knott faced a civil suit from the victims and was unsuccessful at getting released in order to record an anti-bullying PSA and move on.

Now’s she’s definitely not getting time off for good behavior. Philadelphia Gay News writes:

An attorney for Knott submitted a petition June 10 for an “earned time, good time” release, which allows petitioners to be released before the minimum time limit on their sentence if they have behaved as model inmates.

Knott’s attorney Bill Brennan told PGN she’s been a “model inmate,” which is why he filed the request:

“She’s been performing her duties — cleaning toilets — and has been a model inmate. Inmates are given this reward, if you will, where the minimum sentence is slightly reduced and they have the opportunity to be released slightly early with ‘earned time, good time.'”

Unfortunately for Knott, the judge denied the request. However, Brennan intends to revisit it once she meets her 5-month minimum sentence:

“I’m cautiously optimistic that she will not be singled out for any reason because it really is the norm that, if you’ve behaved yourself, you are eligible for release at the minimum.”

We’re not really into kicking someone when they’re down, but unfortunately Knott was. Here’s to hoping that she’s learned her lesson once she completes her minimum sentence…and no less.

Rob Smith
Rob Smith


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