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Kids Draw The 2016 RNC & DNC Conventions With Hilarious, Insightful Results

by Jeff Taylor August 01, 2016

rnc dnc kids drawings

Kids draw the 2016 RNC and DNC, via Upworthy.

The 2016 conventions are behind us and have now been thoroughly studied, analyzed, debated and mocked by pundits, talking heads and comedians alike. But there is one group that has not had much of a say, until now.

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Upworthy asked children to react to the conventions by showing them clips and then asking them to draw what they had seen. The results are both funny and insightful.

Kids Draw 2016 RNC

Kids ranging in age from 5-14 drew their take on the 2016 Republican National Convention, with some representations straightforward, while others managed to work in some editorializing.

melania trump drawing

Melania Trump drawing, via Upworthy.

“He is too confident,” observes Lucyvee, age eight, in response to Trump declaring, “We’re gonna win so big.”

“Wait, what?” and “Does he know who he’s talking to?” 14-year-old Jude has members of the audience asking in response to Rudy Giuliani shouting about one America.

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But it is eight-year-old Mabel who may have captured the overall sentiment of the 2016 RNC best when she drew a speaker with steam coming out of his nose as he yells, “It’s the end of the world so you have to fix everything!”

We know it is steam because not only is it helpfully labeled as such, but there is what appears to be a small woodland creature in the corner saying, “That guy who thinks the world is ending has steam coming out of his nose!” That he does.

Kids Draw 2016 DNC

Children ages 4-12 drew their interpretations of key moments from the 2016 Democratic National Convention as well, with topics including bullying, unity, Bill Clinton’s memory of meeting Hillary and the historic moment of nominating the first female candidate to a major party.

hillary bill clinton drawing

Drawing of the Clintons, via Upworthy.

“She broke glass everywhere,” writes Ava, age five, representing the moment Clinton appeared via satellite during day two of the DNC.

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bernie sanders drawing

Child’s drawing of Bernie Sanders, via Upworthy.

What do you think of the kids’ drawings of the 2016 RNC and DNC? Did they nail it? Let us know in the comments below.

Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor


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