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Large Percentage Of Straight Men Search For Pretty Gay Things Online, Study Confirms

by Graham Gremore October 12, 2016


Just how many straight guys are searching for gay porn in their free time?

Turns out, a lot. 

At least according to new data published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior by a team of researchers led by Martin J. Downing who surveyed 821 guys about their porn-viewing habits.

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According to the researchers, 21 percent of heterosexual men said they had watched man-on-man porn in the past six months, compared to 98.3 percent of gay men and 96 percent of bi men.

On the flip side of that, 55 percent of gay guys reported watching man-on-woman porn, compared to 98.5 percent of straight guys and 88.3 percent of bi guys.

Downing tells Cosmo that he and his team weren’t all that surprised by the number of gay men who said they watched a man and woman having sex.

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“Sexual attractions and behaviors are more than just identity,” he explained. “Research has shown that some gay men are attracted to or find heterosexual and masculine men more attractive.”

And as for those straight guys watching two men going at it, Downing also wasn’t terribly surprised. He said he believes it’s not that uncommon for men who identify as straight to still be attracted to or even hook up with other men.

“Never ever in a million years feeling an ounce of attraction for the same sex [is not a requirement for being, and identifying as, straight],” Downing added.

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Graham Gremore
Graham Gremore


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