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Legendary Queercore Band Pansy Division Rocks 25th Anniversary With New Album

by john russell July 30, 2016

pdivision_street (1)

It’s been 25 years since Pansy Division burst onto San Francisco’s straight boy dominated punk scene in 1991 with their unapologetically gay themes. Over the years they’ve defied stereotypes about both punk rock and gay men, becoming one of the most influential queercore bands out there.

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Now the queer quartet is celebrating a quarter century of rocking out with the release of their ninth studio album, Quite Contrary, on September 9. And if the album’s first single “He’s Trouble” is any indication, we can expect more of the band’s signature blend of politically charged tongue-in-cheek lyrics and power pop riffs.

Pansy Division hits the East coast in September, with the second leg of their tour taking them to the West coast beginning in November. Here’s to at least 20 more years, gents!

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john russell
john russell


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