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Minneapolis Restaurant’s Perfect Response To Yelp Review Calling Clientele “Too Gay”

by Derek de Koff September 09, 2016


A popular brunch destination in Minneapolis was quick to respond to an obnoxious review bemoaning the fact that the eatery has “too many gay people” hanging out inside, according to a report by Fox 9.

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Despite the fact that Minneapolis always ranks as one of the top gay-friendly cities in America, one customer was apparently tired of all the homosexuals eating their brunches and slurping mimosas at Hell’s Kitchen restaurant, and decided they’d write up a fiery Yelp review that said as much.

The staff wasted no time confronting the situation head on.

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“While you’re certainly free to post any comment you want about us,” they write, “we’re equally free to say you cannot enter our home again.”

Here’s the letter in full: 

An open letter to ______, who just reviewed us on Yelp with one phrase: “Too many gay people.”

We’re writing in response to a review you posted on Yelp a few minutes ago. It simply said “too many gay people.”

We ask that you not return to Hell’s Kitchen again. All of us who work here, whether straight or gay, view Hell’s Kitchen as our home; we open our doors each morning and do our best to make every person kind enough to dine with us feel as if it is their home, too. We do our best to make every guest feel welcome, we do our best to create an environment that gives them a chance to enjoy the company of their friends, we do our best to create an environment that is blind to any form of prejudice and we do our best to create an environment that is safe. These aren’t “business goals”….they’re just naturally in the DNA of every one of the 166 members of our Hell’s Kitchen family.

While you’re certainly free to post any comment you want about us, we’re equally free to say you cannot enter our home again.

Cyn, Pat and the staff at Hell’s Kitchen

And the story has a happy ending, too. According to an “editor’s note” amended to the original story, a family member says the Yelp user has “retracted his comment and has learned the error of his ways.”

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We don’t doubt the veracity of this particular story, but wouldn’t making up a tale like this be an easy and efficient way to drum up free publicity?

Derek de Koff
Derek de Koff


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