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Muscly Tongan Flag Bearer Demonstrates The Magic Of Coconut Oil On Male “Today Show” Host

by Derek de Koff August 11, 2016

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Yesterday, we shared the uniquely awkward moment in which “heartthrob of the OlympicsPita Taufatofua was accosted by Al Roker, Hoda Kotb, and Jenna Bush during a cringeworthy Today Show segment. The clip features that chirpy trio breathlessly smearing palmfuls of coconut oil all over the shirtless flag bearer and 32-year-old Taekwondo fighter, while he appears frozen in an otherworldly thrall of discomfort.

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Now, another Today Show personality has lured Taufatofua into even more smeary shenanigans: Alex Ficquette (aka Alex on the Plaza) asks Taufatofua if he’d be so willing to demonstrate how to best apply coconut oil to one’s own physique — y’know, in order to better show off their gleaming musculature. Because, much like masturbation, it’s just not the sort of thing you should learn how to do alone.

Taufotofua, to his credit, is all too happy to oblige, smearing Alex’s biceps in the stuff and being an overall good sport.

“Where do I start? What do I do?” Ficquette airily wonders.

“Okay, it’s magic stuff. As soon as it touches your skin…”

“Muscles grow?”

“Muscles grow. 100%… 100% better.”

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As Ficquette continues gamely smearing Alex with coconut oil, Alex decides to openly flirt with the athlete. That’s when the segment’s editors take it upon themselves to not-so-subtly telegraph their displeasure by employing that overplayed “record-ripped-off-its-spindle” sound effect.

“And if I’m on Tonga, does it always get put on by somebody like you…?” Alex crows.

Watch the segment below: 

Derek de Koff
Derek de Koff


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