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NYT Sheds Light On Latest Helicopter Parenting Trend: “My Son’s Penis Is Too Short”

by matt baume September 03, 2016


Could this possibly be a real thing, or is it like most “trends,” just something a writer made up when pitching stories? The New York Times would like us to believe that dads are growing increasingly anxious about the size of their babies’ penises, and they found a doctor all too eager to share his experiences.

“Questions about penis size have become more common over the past decade, as my colleagues and I have all seen more overweight children coming in for physical exams,” writes Dr. Perri Klass.

And it’s not confined to infants: apparently parents are voicing concerns about kids around 10 or 11, which seems waaaaay too old for that sort of involvement.

Generally, doctors advise that kids wait before getting any kind of genital surgery — a lot of things can change once they hit puberty. Losing weight isn’t always a bad thing, either. Apparently a big part of responding to these concerns is reassuring the kid and the parents that they’re going to be fine.

And even if their dicks are abnormally small, it’s not the end of the world. As we’ve all learned from experience, there are plenty of other factors that go into choosing a partner. And it’s often the smaller guys who’ve developed the best techniques.

Of course, if there were ever a sure-fire way of making a kid self-conscious about his genitals, it is having his parents drag him to a doctor to talk about them. Parents, good grief, don’t poke around in your pre-teen’s business like that. If he’s worried, he’s old enough to raise questions himself without you making a big production.

matt baume
matt baume


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