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Omnipresent Adult Entertainment May Be Responsible For Erectile Dysfunction In Young Men

by Derek de Koff August 15, 2016


For the fourth time that day, you’re at it — computer screen and monitor transformed into a veritable pornoplex: seven different windows featuring seven increasingly sordid scenes. While your daily allowance of adult entertainment continues to pique your interest, everything else in life seems so… vanilla. 

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Take sex with actual people, for example. All those humdrum relationships and snoozy Grindr dates. You suppose the men were nominally attractive — in a funky, not-on-your-computer-screen sort of way — but none of them ever really get you going, and one thing you can’t fake is an erection. Midway through sex, all you ever want to do is run home and check in on your Pornhub “Favorites.”

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If this scenario sounds at all familiar, you’re not alone. A leading psychosexual therapist claims adult entertainment’s abundance and availability is slowly poisoning men’s sex drives, causing a host of heath problems, both physical and psychological.

According to Angela Gregory, more and more men in their late teens and twenties are dealing with erectile dysfunction.

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Pink News reports that Gregory is absolutely certain the problem stems from pornography.

Talking to BBC Newsbeat, she says, “What I’ve seen over the last 16 years, particularly the last five years, is an increase in the amount of younger men being referred.”

Our experience is that historically men that were referred to our clinic with problems with erectile dysfunction were older men whose issues were related to diabetes, MS, cardio vascular disease.”

“These younger men do not have organic disease, they’ve already been tested by their GP and everything is fine.”

“So one of the first assessment questions I’d always ask now is about pornography and masturbatory habit because that can be the cause of their issues about maintaining an erection with a partner.”

What do you think? Can an increased dependence on pornography wreak havoc on your sex drive and personal relationships? Weigh in in the comments below. 

Derek de Koff
Derek de Koff


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