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Peter Thiel Shamed For Association With Racists

by matt baume July 29, 2016


Hot on the heels of his speech about being a proud gay man, Republican National Convention speaker Peter Thiel updated his calendar with a questionable speaking gig: a conference for insanely rich anarchists and racists.

It’s the annual conference of the Property and Freedom Society, and while the name may sound boring its members are anything but. There’s founder Hans Hermann-Hoppe from the University of Nevada, who said that in his ideal society, homosexuals and communists “will have to be physically separated and expelled from society.” There’s also Gerd Schulze-Ronhof, an author who says that the US, not Hitler, caused World War II. And Heiner Rindermann, a psychologist whose work is often cited by racists seeking to prove that immigrants have low IQs.

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In the past, attendees have also included Jared Taylor, a white nationalist who says that Trump is the first candidate to “say anything at all that resonates with a white advocate,” and that black people destroy Western civilization. There was also Tom Sunic, who helped a white-supremacy group called the American Freedom Party rebrand itself to get Trump elected.

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At any rate, Thiel has now changed his tune, pulling out of the conference after Towleroad and others highlighted his attendance. He had been scheduled to give a talk called “In Praise of Free Market Monopoly,” which certainly sounds like the kind of thing that would enrich the lives of the already-too-rich.

Alas, now Thiel’s name is gone from the event’s agenda, so the white nationalists will never know what he had to say about creating monopolies to crush the weak. Oh well, everyone’s loss.

matt baume
matt baume


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