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Randy Rainbow Moderates The First Debate; It’s Super

by Jeff Taylor September 28, 2016

trump clinton debate randy rainbow

The first presidential debate was quite the show, full of shimmies, zingers and sniffles. The anticipation and expectations that Clinton v. Trump would be anything but usual proved out.

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While it’s hard to imagine it swayed anyone with their minds even halfway made up in this election cycle, it did provide plenty of fodder for discussion. And for Randy Rainbow to make one of his best videos to date.

Rainbow seizes on Trump’s use of the word “braggadocious,” which Merriam-Webster roasted him for on Twitter, to launch into a parody of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” that goes after him for trying to sound smart and casts him as “Super Sleazy Fabricating Sexist and Obnoxious.”

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He asks repeatedly, “Um, are you really gonna vote for this guy?”

Watch it below.

So how did he do, Lester?


Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor


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