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Sigh. This Gun Shop Plans To Raffle Off An AR-15 To Benefit Orlando Victims.

by Derek de Koff June 30, 2016


A strange and truly misguided turn of events: a gun shop is planning to raffle off a gun in order to benefit victims of the Orlando massacre.

And the prize is an AR-15 rifle, the same make of semi-automatic weapon used in the Orlando attack that killed 49 people and wounded dozens more.

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As the Chicago Tribune reports, owners of Second Amendment Sports in the town of McHenry say they never meant to offend anyone, or even make a political statement.

One McHenry County woman who talked to the paper certainly thinks the raffle is “offensive.” She lost her son in the 2012 movie theater massacre in Colorado, where an AR-15 was also used.

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All they want to do, says co-owner Bert Irslinger Jr., is help the Orlando victims by raffling off one of Second Amendment’s bestselling products.

Whoever ultimately wins the AR-15 will need to have or receive a firearm owner’s ID card and fill out a federal form; a process that can take longer than a month. The winner will also need to wait 24 hours before getting the gun.

Proceeds will benefit OneOrlando Fund, which is run by not-for-profit group Strengthen Orlando Inc to help victims of the tragedy.

No word yet on what, exactly, organizers of OneOrlando Fund think of this plan.

Derek de Koff
Derek de Koff


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