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Students On High Alert After College Creeper Caught Recording Guys In Dorm Showers

by Graham Gremore October 17, 2016


A resident hall at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore is on high alert after a peeping Tom was caught filming male college students in the shower.

It was 1 AM and “George,” a sophomore at the university, was minding his own business in his stall when all of a sudden he looked up at and, through the steam of the shower room, saw someone holding an iPhone over the door.

George was being recorded.

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He quickly grabbed his towel and bolted out of the shower stall just in time to see the peeping Tom slam and lock the door of a neighboring stall. George ran and got the resident hall manager, Paul, and two others. They waited outside the shower stall where the Peeping Tom was hiding and ordered him to come out.

“My friend was very angry,” Paul tells his school newspaper. “He kept banging and shouting for him to come out.”

When the peeping Tom finally emerged, the four students confiscated his iPhone, where they were horrified to find nearly 70 other videos of various male college students in the shower.

“We saw the clips in the Recently Deleted album,” Paul explained. “They were videos of other men.”

Police were called. An hour later, they arrived to arrest the Peeping Tom, a 24-year-old senior at the university, for “possession of obscene material.”

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“We’re supposed to feel safe and secure, but now I can’t shower without looking over my shoulder,” George told the paper.

Another student added that he used to love taking long, hot showers, but now rushes through them, terrified of being recorded.

“I was quite concerned as this is the second time this has happened here,” he said. “I also take more notice who I bump into in the toilet.”

Meanwhile, Paul is urging other residents of the dorm to be extra cautious in the shower rooms.

“We strongly advise all residents in every hall, no matter their gender, to be careful when they shower or use the washroom,” he said. “No one is safe, so bathe quickly and be observant of the openings in the toilet cubicles.”

“Voyeurism,” he added, “is not tolerated in my hall.”

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Graham Gremore
Graham Gremore


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