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Surprising Number Of Straight Guys Wish They Were Gay

by Dan Tracer October 16, 2016


Call it progress or mere stupidity, but it turns out a lot of straight guys spend actual moments of their lives wishing they were gay.

And while very few of the below reasons dug up on Whisper ring particularly healthy or legitimate, we can certainly understand the appeal these days.

Scroll down and let the identity crisis begin:

Sometimes I want to be gay, but I don't find guys all that attractive.

Sometimes I wanna be gay because I'm getting tired of putting up with women.

I wish I was gay. I want to be gay. That would make things so much easier. But I can't deny that I like all genders. It confuses everybody, including myself.

Gay men seem to be more honest and loyal than girls are. I wish I was gay

I want to be gay but I am just not. I feel sexually attracted to women alone but I love the powerful presence of men

I want to be gay but I don't want to be physically intimate with a guy

I am a heterosexual guy but I want to be gay. Gays get more sex and women are tiring.

Sometimes I wish I was gay so I could get nudes I like pretty much whenever I want

Sometimes I wish I was a gay guy so it would be easier to get laid.

Sometimes I wish that I was gay instead of straight because then a Fwb would be much easier to find

I wish I was gay because girls never understand my feelings and always leave for some other guy

Sometimes I wish I was a gay dude because I think I'm probably more appealing to that demographic.

Tbqh I wish that I was gay to piss off homophobes.

Sometimes I wish I was gay so l could have more girl friends and get close to them. Male friends don't always get me

I wish I was gay because I can't find a girl who doesn't make me hate her in the first 5 minutes.

Sometimes I wish I was gay because hookups are so much easier.

Sometimes I wish I was gay so people would take my support, concern and love of everyone seriously.

Being bi is weird. I wanna be Gay, but I'm not.

Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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