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The 5 Lives Of Sean Paul Lockhart, AKA Brent Corrigan

by Gregory Gillbergh July 22, 2016



IFC made our week when it announced it had acquired distribution rights to King Cobra, the true-crime porn drama starring James Franco about the the murder of Cobra Video founder Bryan Kocis in 2007, bringing it one step closer to our bedroom screens.

Yet the man of the hour, real-life Kocis protégé and you-could-say-the-reason-he-got-murdered, Brent Corrigan, sat out the preem and disavowed the movie, blasting producers for “bastardizing my early years in porn.”

Which we can understand. These days, the 29-year old super-bttm is horse-ranching in New Mexico and flashing Twitter.” So in honor of his place in the world, and so that it not be forgotten, we put together a mini bio of the man and the legend.

Here’s how he got there, in 5 stages of Sean:

1. Underage


At 17, Corrigan, given name Sean Paul Lockhart, heard the siren call that is the thump-thump of West Hollywood and started making regular trips from home in San Diego, fake ID in hand. Before long, he was introduced to Kocis via webcam audition.

Cobra Video was about “Capturing the Erotic Essence of Youth” in barely-legal bareback vids, and the soon-to-be-known-as Corrigan was a Kocis dream come true, one more in a line of underage boy-models seduced by the then-44 year old.

In short order, Corrigan starred in Cobra’s Every Poolboy’s Dream, Schoolboy Crush, Bareboned Twinks (!) and Casting Couch 4. While Kocis thought he had both a boyfriend and a cash-cow under contract, his star saw it differently; now 18, Corrigan got a lawyer and outed himself as underage at the time his first films were shot.

Two years later, Kocis would be dead in a bizarre plot to cast Corrigan in a rival company’s “million-dollar porn,” the subject of director Justin Kelly’s King Cobra. After slashing his throat and stabbing him 28 times, his killers set the house on fire; Kocis’ erotic essence was up in smoke. Corrigan was not involved in the murder plot, but it somehow added to his legend.

2. Wet Dream

wet dream

In the meantime, Corrigan became wet dream passivo in (some favorite) titles like The Porne Ultimatum, Getting Levi’s Johnson, Brent Corrigan’s Heat, Gay Massage House, Jacked. He was the adorable but naughty boy-next-door: a smile that said, yes, you. Brent was attainable.

The industry liked him, too. Among the accolades: a Golden Dickie in 2008 for Best Twink Performer, Bottom; GayVN Awards, 2009 Best Bottom, 2009 Best Pro/Am Film for Summit, 2009 Best Twink Film for Just the Sex 1 & 2, 2010 Best Bottom, 2010 Web Performer of the Year and 2010 Best Amateur/Pro-Am for The Big Easy.

3. Behind Behind the Camera


Because Hollywood, it wasn’t long before the actor turned not-so-great director. In titles like Brent Corrigan’s Working Hard, it’s kind of clear he wasn’t. This stage could also be called denial.

4. Crossing Over


Also because Hollywood, Corrigan took a stab at legit films, appearing in a dozen or so indies. Despite undeniable screen presence, when he’s naked but also clothed, Corrigan’s appeal hasn’t translated to the big screen so far.

5. Swallow It


As the popular performer transitions, quite nicely, from twink to twank, Corrigan is all about a different kind of spread, the one he’s got near the Rio Grande in New Mexico with his bf and their dogs. He’s also just finished a memoir with the cute title Incorrigible (his “true story”), and although he hasn’t made a movie in a while, he does stay porn-relevant with a very activo Twitter feed, worth a visit for affirmations like: “I am happier and healthier than – very truly – ever in my entire life!”

That plus all those pics. He’s still got it.

Gregory Gillbergh
Gregory Gillbergh


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