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The End Of The Affair: Davey Wavey And His Boyfriend Have Broken Up

by Jeff Taylor September 06, 2016

davey wavey

Davey Wavey talks about his breakup. Via YouTube.

Cue the violins. Davey Wavey announced in a new video over the weekend that he and his boyfriend have broken up. Ironically, he had just introduced his boyfriend of over two years, with whom he was in an open relationship, to his audience.

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“After two and a half years of dating, and challenging each other and growth, my boyfriend and I have decided to transform our relationship into something different, I guess,” Davey said. “Which is a really nice way of saying we broke up.”

While admitting that he is sad over the end of the relationship, he pointed out that he wasn’t making the video so that people would feel sorry for him, but instead said he would never look back on the relationship as “a regret or something that didn’t work out.”

He also shared something he learned from the relationship, and hoped would be useful to others.

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“Imagine if, instead of distancing yourself from your partner (when hurt), you connected with your partner,” he said. “So instead of pulling back, if you leaned in. If you cuddled, or kissed, or connected with your partner in some way, I promise you that you feel better every single time… If it took a two and a half year relationship to learn that, I am okay with it.”

Watch Davey Wavey talk about his breakup in the video below…

Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor


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