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The Estimated Number Of Trans People In The U.S. Has Doubled

by matt baume June 30, 2016


How many trans people are there living in the United States? Enough to populate a city, according to a new study from UCLA’s Williams Institute. (And what a city that would be! It probably would have a lot less drama about bathrooms.)

There are 1.4 million adults who identify as trans, researchers say, or about .6% of the country’s population. North Dakota and Iowa have the lowers percentage (.3%), with California and Hawaii having the highest (.8%).

Presumably, the large cities are more hospitable — San Francisco, for example, probably has a higher concentration than Fresno. And while there may not be a ton of trans people in Washington state, for example, Seattle is one of the trans-friendliest cities in the world. (As evidenced by the outpouring of support after a trans person was bashed after a rally; that support probably wouldn’t exist in, say, Texarkana.)

At any rate, this is a pretty significant surge in the trans population. In 2011, the estimate was just 700,000. Why did the number jump? There are a bunch of likely contributing factors: more states are reporting relevant stats; more people are open about being trans; and more people are realizing that gender is not as simple as the form someone filled out on your birth certificate. Think back just a few years — even as recently as 2011, many trans people might not have even known that they could be trans. But with growing visibility, more and more people can now recognize a character like Nomi on Sense8 and say “hey, that’s kinda me.”

matt baume
matt baume


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