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The Flintstones Have Some Bizarrely Fleshed-Out Opinions On Gay People

by Derek de Koff October 12, 2016


Did the world really need a comic book update of The Flintstones? Well, yeah, maybe it did.

The DC Comics “realistic” reboot, which we first caught wind of via Gay Star News, takes us back to the world of Bedrock and the “gay old time” to be had there.

In Issue #4, Fred and Wilma heads out to meet buddies Adam and Steve near the bar Homo Erectus, and soon enough, they’re off to the gay couple’s wedding.

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Afterwards, Fred is asked why he cares about gay people if they don’t breed.

He responds, “Let me be clear. I don’t do anything if Adam and Steve aren’t welcome.”

Here’s why:

I grew up in a tribe of hunter-gatherers. Life was a struggle. It wasn’t always possible for people to take care of their own kids.

“The non-breeders gave our tribe extra hands to help with the children. Having them around often meant the difference between life and death.”

This is basically the “Gay Super Uncles Theory,” which argues that gay people exist in order to help family members survive and increase the likelihood of passing on their genes.



This storyline is from Issue #4, which is out now.

Perhaps this is a good time to watch this video of The B(C)-52’s performing The Flintstones theme. 

The footage is grainy because it’s very old.

Or perhaps this Flintstones Winston cigarette ad will tickle your fancy:


Derek de Koff
Derek de Koff


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