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This Vicar Compared A Gay Pride Tea Party To Child Abuse For Kicks

by matt baume September 02, 2016


What dark secrets do you suppose lie in the private life of Dr. Peter Danlon?

The preacher recently posted a rant to Facebook accusing gay people of damaging the church, and comparing a Gay Pride event to child abuse.

Given what we know about anti-gay extremists, the mind boggles at what he might be up to behind closed doors.

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Peter’s anxiety was triggered by a church-sponsored gay pride tea event.

He wrote on the Diocese of Chester’s wall:

Given your diocese has one of the worst records on historic child abuse in the C of E, and even now has a special procedure of investigation to discover what went on and who in addition to the bishop currently in prison was involved, one would think your diocese would have the humility and wisdom to stop pushing sexual boundaries.

Well, he certainly seems passionate about the issue.

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Later, he wrote that gay people would be “given an accounting before God’s judgement throne.”

With friendly rhetoric like that, one wonders what sort of accounting Peter is anticipating for himself.

Of course, religious bigotry aimed at LGBTs (or any marginalized group du jour) is nothing new. But churches have been making some progress over the last few years, weighing their long-standing prejudices against the possibility that they might become completely irrelevant.

One day, attitudes like Peter’s will likely fall out of favor. Until then, it’s probably best to avoid people like him.

There’s no telling what sort of trouble they might be getting into.

matt baume
matt baume


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