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Trump Feels “Very Good” About GOP’s New Explicitly Antigay Platform

by matt baume July 14, 2016

Of course, in a million years, no sensible person would support Donald Trump’s candidacy for president — and yet, every now and then, we can see his appeal as a person who speaks his mind, rather than indulging the mass hallucinations of politics-as-usual.

The latest fun, or not-so-fun, Trump news: he really doesn’t care what’s in the party platform, including the wildly homophobic language that caught nobody but the Log Cabin Republicans by surprise. Trump, of course, has aligned himself extensively with homophobes.

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It’s sensible for him not to care, of course, because the platform really does not matter that much. It’s just attractive window dressing, like that of Diane Lane’s character in the movie Lady Beware. But the dressing itself goes largely ignored, unlike that of Kim Cattrall’s character in Mannequin.

“Right now, the platform is largely a Trump platform!” he told Fox News. This isn’t exactly right — the platform is far more specific than trump has ever been, and quite a bit more hostile to anyone who is not a straight white Christian. But the actual document itself is pretty meaningless, now more than ever, since the party’s nominee is just going to do whatever he feels like doing. So as rudders go, Trump’s a lot stronger than whichever conservatives wrote up the platform.

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At one point, the interviewer pointed out that the party platform opposes medical marijuana, and Trump seemed surprised, as if he hadn’t actually read it. He almost certainly has not. Why would he? He didn’t come here to make friends. Though, he added, “I think what’s happening with the platform is very good.”

But we’ll see how Trump’s likely running make, Mike Pence, handles this kind of talk. Trump just signaled this morning that he’ll be campaigning with Pence (who, you’ll recall, signed Indiana’s loathsome turn-away-the-gays bill). As a career politician, Pence is far more likely to adhere to the party line.

matt baume
matt baume


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