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Trump Supporters Talk Hillary Health Conspiracies: “It Could Be AIDS”

by Jeff Taylor September 21, 2016

trump supporters
The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper interviews a Trump supporter. Via Comedy Central.

There’s nothing the far right likes better than a good conspiracy. Or a half baked conspiracy. Or a conspiracy they just now made up but are pretty sure could be real. Their latest fixation is Hillary Clinton‘s health and The Daily Show‘s Jordan Klepper went to Donald Trump rallies in the swing states of Wisconsin and Ohio to find out more.

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Sure, “they” want you to believe she just had pneumonia, but these non-sheeples aren’t falling for it. They know there’s something bigger afoot. Like Parkinson’s, cancer, MS, or perhaps it’s AIDS.


So how did Hillary Clinton contract AIDS? From Bill, naturally.

And how did Bill contract AIDS? From Magic Johnson, duh.


We also learn that Clinton may have a body double. Oh, and Obama is still a Muslim terrorist, and no amount of actual evidence will convince them otherwise. And did you know, he wasn’t even in the Oval Office on 9/11?! Shocking stuff. But don’t worry, they’ll keep asking the tough questions…and then answering them themselves with ridiculous conclusions based on feelings and fear. Because they are the true Americans and they will make everything great again.

Watch the video below, if you can stomach it.

Watch the full segment here.

Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor


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