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WATCH: Impromptu Locker Room Strip Tease Interrupted By Unsuspecting Bro

by Dan Tracer August 30, 2016


We’ve all been there.

You’ve just finished a particularly intense leg day at the gym, and upon entering the locker room, the unique scent of man-sweat, mildew and cheap shampoo suddenly inspires movement.

No, not the squats or presses of your previous hour’s (or 30 minutes if you’re us) hard work — a different sort of movement. Expression. Finesse. The power of dance compels you!

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So you do what any self-respecting swulled-out gay gym bro would do — set up your cellphone in an empty locker, crank up the Britney (in this case, “Private Show”) and perform an impromptu striptease.

Just be ready, like this guy on Twitter, to quickly snap back to masc mode once someone discovers your moves.

h/t NNN

Dan Tracer
Dan Tracer


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