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WATCH: Katy Perry Votes Naked, Gets Arrested

by matt baume September 27, 2016

Mastermind Katy Perry’s plot has been successful! Yesterday she tweeted that she was going to use her body as click bait to change the world. And today she has made good on that threat, with a nude video about voting. Will it actually change the world? That remains to be seen. (Spoiler: no.)

Instagram Photo

“This year, you can look like shit when you vote… nowhere does it say you can’t roll out of bed and come to the polls in whatever state you woke up in.”

“I sleep naked. Let those babies loose,” she declares. And then some police accost her and she protests, “I read the Constitution, I have the right to vote naked.”

Well, no, technically, you don’t. So if there’s a takeaway from all this, it’s the closing message: “Remember to vote. Who cares what you wear. Just wear clothes.”

This is, of course, all true. And voting is super important, especially if you live in a swing state! Thank you, Katy Perry.

About 126 million people voted in the last election, which means your vote will account for .0000008 percent of the outcome. There’s definitely no better way to have a say in American democracy, unless you are super rich, in which case you can have a lot more of say.

Katy Perry Votes Naked from Katy Perry


matt baume
matt baume


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