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Woman Signs Up Ex-Boyfriend For Gay Dating Sites Then Calls Police In Act Of Childish Revenge

by Graham Gremore July 15, 2016


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

When chef Gary Jack’s ex-girlfriend, Julie Gordon, learned he had left her for another woman, she did what any sane, rational, jilted partner would do… she signed him up for all sorts of gay dating sites and gay adult sites in a subtly homophobic act of revenge.

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Quite understandably, 49-year-old Jack didn’t appreciate this. So he sent Gordon, who he had dated for less than a year, a text telling her she’d better “watch her back.” She again responded in a completely sane and rational way… by contacting the police.

Well, yesterday, Jack appeared before an Aberdeen Sheriff Court to discuss what Gordon’s lawyers are calling his “threatening and abusive” behavior.

“Since that time the relationship has ended, Miss Gordon found the accused had been in a relationship with another female,” prosecutor Laura Begg told the court.

After Jack and Gordon split up, Begg continued, “Miss Gordon had sent two e-mails to the accused accusing him of a number of matters allegedly done during the course of their relationship. The accused didn’t respond to their e-mails.”

Then, on June 6, he sent her the text saying “watch your back.”

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“Miss Gordon contacted police about the message,” Begg said. “When asked about the incident, the accused admitted to officers he’d sent the message.”

Jack’s legal team fired back by accusing Gordon of being “malicious” when she hacked into his social media and e-mail accounts to sign him up for all those gay sites.

“This offense was committed at the end of a very short relationship between the parties,” Jack’s attorney, Iain Woodward-Nutt, told the judge. “Because of his regular use of her computer, (she had) regular access to both his e-mails and Facebook account.”

Woodward-Nutt added that Jack understood the text was “really an ill-advised comment” and he “pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and from his record it is clear this is out of character.”

Evidently this satisfied the judge, who accepted it was “something out of character” for the chef and ruled that case be dismissed.

The moral of the story? Sometimes grown adults act like complete children.

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h/t: The Press And Journal

Graham Gremore
Graham Gremore


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