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You’re Going To Want To Cover Your Flesh In These Big Boy Tattoos

by matt baume June 28, 2016

jamie august

This could not possibly be more awesome: a tattoo artist named Jamie August has been designing and inking amazing pinup-style images of men with plenty of meat on their bones. They’ve got beards, muscles, guts, and tons of implied manly musk and we cannot look away.

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One of the best is probably a male takeoff of Venus de Milo — a blond-bearded bear with thick facial hair wrapped around his body. Lovely. We can’t cuddle the fantasy-guys in the images, but we would be more than happy to cuddle any man bearing these tattoos on his flesh.

Check out August’s  male pinups below…


Not OK Cupid on Scotty. Thank you so much! #bigboypinups #BBPU

A photo posted by BBPU (@bigboypinups) on

Fun one on @satansfavouritedaughter Good to see you! #leatherdaddy #bigboypinups

A photo posted by BBPU (@bigboypinups) on

Sensual mechanic on Seb. Slightly warped on the calf. Thank you so much. Happy Easter ya’ll

A photo posted by BBPU (@bigboypinups) on

Flash for @mouthfeelmagazine , who is gonna turn these into temporary tattoos. Go find them at the LA Art Book Fair Feb 12-14

A photo posted by BBPU (@bigboypinups) on

Hey @keikofox @mgoymove ! Better late then never. Sexy sexy Amish dudes for my favourite Carnies. ( Joked about this idea over a few beers in an Adelaide pub a few months back.) #churningbutter #sexybowlcuts

A photo posted by BBPU (@bigboypinups) on

Healed lumberjack on Darrel. Thank you!

A photo posted by BBPU (@bigboypinups) on

matt baume
matt baume


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