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Zales Picks Up LGBTQ Jewelry Collection Love and Pride

by Love and Pride June 23, 2016

It’s the first major jewelry retailer to carry a complete LGBTQ collection

It’s official. Fine jewelry collection Love and Pride is the first complete LGBTQ-focused line to be carried by a major jewelry retail chain—Signet-owned Zales stores. 

The seminal LGBTQ line, which appeared on Showtime’s The L Word and has figured prominently in countless LGBTQ wedding ceremonies, recently debuted at Zales stores across the country, in Canada, and online. We caught up with Love and Pride designer Udi Behr (pictured) to hear about how the collaboration happened and why it’s so significant.

JCK: What is the primary mission of Love and Pride?

Udi Behr: The primary mission of Love and Pride is be a socially responsible company of high-quality jewelry for the LGBTQ community. Part of that is supporting the community and upholding our values, so that everyone can love whomever they choose to—and that all of us are proud of who we are.

JCK: How did it happen that Love and Pride partnered with such a huge chain?

Behr: As we considered ways to expand our retail presence, it made sense to go to the biggest jewelry retailer willing to partner with us and join forces to reach a broad and diverse audience across the U.S.—and in this case Canada, too.

JCK: In what ways is this an important collaboration? 

Behr: Until now, no large retailer in the U.S. has had a jewelry collection dedicated to the LGBTQ community. Now, the LGBTQ community knows that Zales stands with Love and Pride and with them. The idea that malls and retail stores across America will have Love and Pride displays for wedding and engagement rings and otherLGBTQ-friendly jewelry is a milestone. 

JCK: What impact do you think your brand’s presence in Zales stores will have?

Behr: We have seen the growth of marketing to the LGBTQ community—in advertising, marketing, and in some specific products. Zales has done something historic. They went the extra mile and placed a whole collection that is designed for the LGBTQ community in their stores. We are thrilled. 

(Top: Love and Pride ring, $229, at Zales; photo courtesy of Love and Pride)


By Emili Vesilind (original)

Love and Pride
Love and Pride


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