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Lesbian Moms: Dating In The Military And How They Fell In Love

by The Next Family May 28, 2015

By Mel and Mandi/ Blog

Mel and Mandi

We are spouses, mothers, daughters, sisters & friends. We are the neighbors mowing the lawn on a beautiful spring day, the women hushing our crying baby in the store, the couple holding hands while walking through the park. We have two beautiful kids, a cat & drive a minivan. We pay bills, look forward to our tax returns & dread folding the never-ending laundry. We are your every day family. We just look a little different than the stereotype. We are gay.

Mandi & I met like so many couples do today. We met online. Neither of us ever thought we would find someone & fall in love via the internet but we did. Even though we feared that the person on the other end of the emails wasn’t actually who she said she was, the attraction and interest couldn’t stop us from pursuing each other.

New to the online dating world, I was nervous to really talk with anyone. I feared that someone would figure out I was military & hunt me down & have me kicked out.

The “winks” and messages popped up from time to time. I browsed through profiles and tried to figure out who was genuine & who was not. I talked with a couple different girls. None of them had the impact on me that Mandi would. Well, she found me. She sent me that “wink”. Her profile read like most. She had a slightly dry humor, an adventurous soul & seemed strangely honest. Her profile picture was simple. She was outdoors, wearing jeans & a hoodie. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail & her hands were in her pockets. But it was her smile that drew me in. The beauty of her smile was more than pretty white teeth. It was a real smile.

After a few witty emails back and forth, Mandi gave me her number. The excitement I had was unreal. First a few texts, then that wonderful first phone call. Her voice made my heart giggle. She had a softer “girlie” tone to her voice. It was nothing I thought she would sound like but fit her just right all at the same time.

About a month and half later, Mandi was going to be in Washington for Christmas with her mom. I was stationed just a few hours away so we planned to meet up. Christmas Eve Day we met. I got a room at a hotel near where she was visiting. She came to pick me up.  As I waited, staring out the window trying to see her, my heart was racing. Everyone knows that amazing feeling. The feeling of pure joy, nervousness & excitement. Could she be “The One?” Is she going to be as cute in person? Is she going to like me? My hands sweating and my knees shaking, I kept staring out the window. The door bell rang…I had missed her walk into the building! As I opened the door, I took a deep breath. There she was, standing in front of me, the woman I’ve told my deep secrets too, the woman who had stolen my heart even though we hadn’t met before. She was beautiful! It eased my soul when she reached out and gave me a real hug. She was nervous too. As she walked in the room, she touched everything, the desk, lamp, chair, all on her way to the window I had been staring out.

We enjoyed a wonderful day out. After dinner we returned to the hotel. It was Christmas Eve so I had brought my little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, hot chocolate, candy canes & the Charlie Brown Christmas movie. I also brought new pjs for us. It was as innocent as could be and based on a long family tradition of everyone wearing new pjs Christmas Eve. We had the sweetest evening as we snuggled, watched the movie and shared our first amazing kiss & fell asleep.

Being that it was Christmas morning, she headed back to her mom’s house & I headed back to base. I fell hard after that one day together. My heart had been stolen by the girl with the beautiful smile.

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