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“Mandatory Family Fun” Sometimes I Force My Teens To Hang Out With The Parents!

by Carol Rood July 16, 2014

By Carol Rood

Roller Coaster

I think I am a “normal” average mom, I like to spend time with my family.

Occasionally I require them to spend time with me doing what I like to call “Mandatory Family Fun”.  These are days where they are forced to participate in an activity with the family…..WITHOUT any friends along to keep them occupied.  I know, I’m cruel.

My wife decided to take off the 3rd and the 7th so we could have a mini staycation.  We had originally planned on going camping, but Hurricane Arthur ruined that idea. So  we basically just hung out, did a few things around the house, bought a chimenea, and then I had the brilliant idea of having a “Mandatory Family Fun” day on Monday. I gave the kids and Karol a choice of going to the beach or going to Busch Gardens. They all chose Busch Gardens. So I used the money we would have used going camping, and bought summer Fun Passes to Busch Gardens.  And the FUN BEGAN!!!

I am not a person who enjoys roller coasters, but my family does.  However I am an avid “people watcher” so I knew I would be very entertained while I was waiting for them to ride that scary stuff. Also, because we went on a Monday I was betting on the crowds being smaller and less of a wait time for rides.

The Genius had a plan to keep a straight face on every ride.  Apparently he got the idea from hearing about this guy.

He was actually doing really well with it.  They went on the first roller coaster we came to: Loch Ness Monster, and he had pictorial proof that he maintained a straight face.  Then we rode bumper cars (for me), and then somehow he talked me into riding a rollercoaster called Verbolten.  A rollercoaster. I hate rollercoasters!

“It will be fun Mom” he said.  “You will love it Mom” he said “It isn’t a bad one Mom”, he said.  He lied. All lies.

For the 1 minute that I screamed my head off and squeezed my eyes shut the ENTIRE ride and said “You suck” to him at least three times finally the damn ride was over!

He said he was unable to keep his straight face because, “Mom, I was weak with you screaming!”  For those of you who don’t speak teenager, that means he was laughing his fool head off at me. Apparently Joe Cool thought I was hysterical also!

But don’t worry, I got even with them by forcing them to stand in line to ride a water ride called Roaring Rapids.  The line was the longest line all day and we stood in line for over 45 minutes.  THAT showed them!!  Mom payback is a B**ch!!

We did stop to eat….well, they ate……Karol and I weren’t hungry yet.




Joe Cool in the background is slightly amused by his brother
Joe Cool in the background is slightly amused by his brother
amusement is over
amusement is over

To be honest I know they really did have a great time, in spite of themselves.  They rode EVERY roller coaster.  Joe Cool even rode the Mach Tower, and he proved my point about the fun they actually had.

How he looked when he didn’t know I was snapping a picture.  Notice he is smiling.

see the smile
see the smile
face change when he saw me
face change when he saw me
TINY smile after I threatened him.
TINY smile after I threatened him.


Karol shaking her head at these boys:

They amuse her slightly.....
They amuse her slightly…..


It wasn’t a Griswold day fortunately!

We went, we rode, we ate, we laughed, we ventured home!  A fabulous, successful Mandatory Family Fun Day!


You can read more by Carol on: Coffee, Clutter and Chaos

Photo Credit: vv@ldzen

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Carol Rood
Carol Rood


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