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Spotlight Interactive Map

by The Next Family November 07, 2013

Arizona Pennsylvania Vermont New Jersey Wisconsin Washington California Colorado West Virginia Maryland New york Texas North Carolina Oregon Hawaii Idaho Utah Illinois Massachusetts Minnesota Indiana Florida Virgina Missouri


Recent Spotlight Families

  • Spotlight Series: Two Dads Jordan and Rob

      The Next Family: How did you start your family?  Jordan and Rob: Early on in our relationship, we discussed our shared desire to one day start a family. When we later decided to move forward with adoption, we chose an agency in Vermont called Friends in Adoption. We were drawn to this particular agency […]
    Next Family 8
  • Spotlight Series: Two Moms Bridget and Karrie

    The Next Family: How did you start your family? Bridget: Karrie had 3 boys from her previous marriage and I had 2 boys from my previous marriage. The Next Family: How did you two meet? Bridget: We both were employed at the same place and had a few mutual friends at work. The Next Family: […]
    Two moms and big family
  • Spotlight Series: Featuring Two Moms Angie and Kami

    The Next Family: How did you start your family?  Angie: Kami and I had been together for about fours years before we started trying to have a family.  We used a sperm bank and found a donor that had physical characteristics that resembled me as well as had traits that we felt represented our family.  Kami did […]
  • Spotlight Series: Two Moms Amber and Kristen

    The Next Family:  How did you meet? Amber: I moved to Texas in September of 2006 and met Kristen in November through a mutual friend and things just fell into place.  We started dating February 2nd, 2007. The Next Family:  When did you decide you wanted to have kids? Amber: At the very beginning of […]
  • Spotlight Series: Two Moms Miriam and Amber

    The Next Family: How did you start your family? Miriam:  When I was young I always told myself that I didn’t want to have kids, but in 2010, all of a sudden I got that feeling that I wanted to be a mom no matter what.  Axel was born on February 6, 2011. The Next Family: […]
    Miriam&Amber_Wedding (141 of 227)
  • Spotlight Series: Two Dads Adrian & Brian

      TNF: How did you start your family? ADRIAN: It was really important to me to have our child be biologically linked to both me and my partner, and not just one or the other. So we asked Brian’s sister if she would carry for us. After a year, she finally agreed. We flew from our home in […]
  • LGBT Parents Spotlight Series: Eli and Ido

    By Brandy Black Dr. Eli and Ido Bendet-Taicher are a married couple and fathers to two daughters that were born via surrogacy.  The couple star in AOL’s groundbreaking docu- series ‘Connected’. TNF: How did you start your family? Ido: We got married in October 2007, and a year afterwards we started working on having kids. […]
    Eli and Ido
  • Spotlight Series: Danael and Jason

    TNF: How did you two meet? Danael: Jason and I met through mutual friends in the fall of 2008. TNF: What made you decide to have kids? Danael: I was previously married to Samuel’s mom.  We divorced in 2008.  I was lucky enough to find an amazing man to be Samuel’s stepdad. TNF: Tell me […]
    Danael Broussard  and Jason- gay dads
  • Spotlight Series: Kevin and David

    By Brandy Black TNF: How did you start your family?   Kevin: David and I went to Disneyland for his 32nd birthday, and after watching the infectious excitement between parents and kids, we were inspired to revisit our kids conversation that led to us making a pact at Sleeping Beauty’s castle. We agreed that the next time […]
    Gay dads phoenix arizona
  • Spotlight Series: Kimberly and Holly

    TNF: Tell me about your family?  Kimberly: My partner Holly and I were married in New York City 3 years ago on Sept 1, 2011 and we have been together for 5 years. We have a one-year-old daughter, Summer and we will be working on having another child soon. Right now, we are a complete […]
    lesbian moms 5

The Next Family has been featuring same-sex parents in our Spotlight Campaign, a collection of interviews, photos, and stories of beautiful families throughout the U.S.  Now, with our new interactive map, it’s even easier to locate and read about these couples and their children. It’s simple! Click on a state highlighted in green and you’ll find articles of the families residing there.

Our country is experiencing a profound period in its history, with each state playing by its own rules when it comes to gay marriage. Seventeen states have legalized gay marriage, while others are actively in the throes of a marriage equality battle.  This present revolution is having a powerful impact on all American citizens.  But, regardless of the laws in effect in any given state, we can’t forget that there are gay parents everywhere in this country -living their lives, married or not, building families, raising their children.  Each family must find its own way within and through its own state’s laws, whether derived by a philosophy of equality or not. Join us in learning about gay parents all over our great country, and the similarities and differences that color us all.

If you are a gay parent who would like to be interviewed, or know someone who might fit this campaign, please email me at brandyblack@thenextfamily.com Editor-in-Chief Brandy Black




gay dads spotlight campaign


Brandy Black and Susan Howard

Gabriel Blau of Family Equality and husband and son

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