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My Toddler’s Funny Bone

by The Next Family May 05, 2011

By: Sheana Ochoa

I’m in love with my two-year-old son.  I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. Because believe me, he is a gas. Even though the first words out of his mouth when he wakes, when I get him from daycare, and all through the evening are “I wanna,” I’m in love with him.  Only other parents get this, just like dog lovers when they start talking about their pets.  But whenever another mother finds out I have a two-year-old, she says, “Oh that’s the funnest age!”  And that’s true —I can’t see how it can get any more fun.

My kid has a fanciful funny bone!

I just never imagined a two-year-old could have a sense of humor.  When and how does one acquire a sense of humor?

Besides “I wanna,” Noah’s favorite refrain is “That’s funny.”  A dog licking him, a man wearing a strange hat, spilling juice as I’m pouring it into his sippy cup are all cause for laughter.  And we laugh hard.  We guffaw.

I need this right now.  In three weeks to the day, I’m getting married.  It’s a stressful time, busy-stressful.  So, although I want to check the order for party favors or call the hotel to see if people are reserving their rooms or finish writing thank you notes for our engagement party, I can’t do any of these things with a two-year-old’s constant need for attention: more juice, let’s run, I’m hungry, let’s read a book, sit down, let’s jump, come here!

He knows who the boss is, but boy does he do a lot of bossing around. So, although I’m put out for a second to have to stop what I’m doing, I end up having more fun being with him.  (Just now, my fiancé and I are at our computers [both on deadline] and he comes over from his temporary babysitter, “Baby Einstein”, and throws a big cloth globe at Daddy’s face.) Earlier when the plumber was over, Noah was naked (so that I can tell when he needs to pee —we’re potty training) and I didn’t want him running around willy-nilly, forgive the pun, in front of a stranger.  He’s in the hall and I whisper, “Hey, come here, let’s put some shorts on you.”  And without skipping a beat he looks at me, resolute in his decision not to follow my instructions and begins to walk away. “Noah!” I whisper louder so the plumber doesn’t hear.  He vacillates between coming into his room to change and going on his merry way, when I whisper more loudly, trying to sound authoritative: “No, really, Noah there’s someone here and you don’t have clothes on.”  He copies my tone with all the gravitas I’ve just displayed: “I’ll be right back.”  It was hilarious and suddenly I couldn’t care less about his willy on display.  We both laughed so long, the plumber was gone by the time we were done.

Noah will of course be our ring bearer.  That’s another thing on the list: getting him a tuxedo.  A tux at two, what could be cuter?  I’m gushing now, I know, but I guess what I’m getting at is this: if you’re planning a big change in your life: moving, a wedding, going back to school, changing jobs, etc, time it so you have a two-year-old around.  Most people would say a toddler would only make the situation more complicated, but it isn’t true: they make it fun.

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