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Love and Pride is the first of its kind – a premium designer online lifestyle destination for people who believe in equality, diversity and tolerance. Our jewelry collections include engagement, commitment, wedding and anniversary rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, watches and other accessories. 


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"Love and Pride, the premier jeweler inspired by and in support of the LGBTQ community, is pleased to announce its launch on"
Premier LGBTQ Jeweler Lauches on the Retailer's Website - November 29, 2018
"What’s great about Love and Pride is that a portion of the site’s proceeds is donated to the fight for equality (Matthew Shepard Foundation, The Human Rights campaign). Read more at"
Ten LGBT-Friendly Jewelry Stores for Engagement Rings
AfterEllen - December 19, 2016
"Udi Behr doesn't take no for an answer. So when the Israeli jewelry designer decided to make wedding and commitment rings for same-sex couples, he was undeterred when several manufacturers and retailers turned him down."
"One Million Moms (1MM), the Christian-associated pressure group set up by the American Family Association, is celebrating the fact that a leading jewelry chain has dropped its ‘Love and Pride’ collection."
One Million Moms gleeful that Zales drops its ‘Love and Pride’ collection
Gay Star News - March 23, 2017
"Zales is promoting same-sex marriage and their new “Love and Pride” Collection. "
One Million Moms Comes For Zales Because of Gay-Inclusive Commercial
"Zales has officially become the first major jewelry retail chain to carry a completely LGBTQ-focused line of fine jewelry. Love and Pride’s jewelry collections"
Zales Becomes First Jewelry Chain In U.S. To Stock LGBT Rings
The Gaily Grind - July 28, 2016
"The couple shopped at, which sells wedding and commitment ceremony rings for same­sex couples by the jewelry designer Udi Behr"
With This Ring, I Thee What?
The New York Times - May 26, 2011
"The merchandise will be marketed by a New York company called Love and Pride, which sells the work of a jewelry designer named Udi Behr primarily to gay and lesbian consumers."
Like the Show? Buy the Book. And the Earrings. And the ...
The New York Times - March 06, 2015
"The mega retailer is now carrying a collection from Love and Pride, designed by out jeweler Udi Behr - Read more at:"
Zales becomes first jewelry chain to offer wedding rings for gay couples - Read more at:
Gay Star News - August 02, 2016
"Zales has picked up an exclusive jewelry collection aimed at the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender demographic, called the Love and Pride collection."
Zales Picks Up Collection for LGBT Customers
National Jeweler - June 27, 2016
"Your favorite jewelry retailer just made our day! Zales has recently started carrying the Love and Pride collection"
Zales's New LGBT-Inspired Jewelry Collection Is Here and It's Everything
InStyle - June 12, 2016
"Love and Pride will offer wedding, engagement, anniversary and commitment rings in dozens of Zales stores in North America."
Zales Becomes First Jewelry Chain To Stock LGBT Rings
Logo - NewNowNext - July 07, 2016
Love and Pride Extends Sales Reach With Presence in Zales
inStore Magazine - June 23, 2016
"It’s the first major jewelry retailer to carry a complete LGBTQ collection"
Zales Picks Up LGBTQ Jewelry Collection Love and Pride
JCK - June 23, 2016
Marriage Equality USA Award - June 10, 2014
Matthew Shepard Foundation Essential Piece Award
Udi Behr
CEO & Founder
Ido Levanon
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"Words can not fully describe how thrilled we are with our Wedding Rings, (We purchased 2). We'd been searching designs & designers for some time. We came across award winning designer, Udi Behr. His style, design, & impeccable attention to detail are amazing. Once the rings came in, we realized they were even more beautiful & perfect for us in person. We've chosen to wait to presnt Our rings to each other on our wedding day, June 3rd, 2017. Thank You Udi !!!"
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